Online Law Courses a Gamechanger in 21st Century

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In the modern era, we are very keen to the technologies. The technologies were slowly addicting us to towards them, as if we take our current scenario we can’t live without technologies. And the same made us save our time, energy, money etc. One of the important need of such technologies is for communication purposes, earlier used to send letters using pigeon then transformed to post offices now we are in the digital era to communicate in emails and social media, as we see communication happening in various mediums. Communication is not only about news, information etc. it also includes the teaching. In earlier days we had only school and colleges to get learned, but now we are having numerous way to learn, one of them is online teaching. As like traditional learning, every aspect of teaching, works, examinations were done, but the only change is the interaction, which is through the digital medium.

Misconception is something which is born with humans, because they always stuck with their rules and format. If any new things appear they will compare the new with old and first will find for the faults, rather going on to the positivity or advancement. Like that there are few misconceptions are there with respect the online courses, the first was regarding the online courses are fake and not worthy, but the fact is the courses are worth as like as traditional learning. And another thing regarding the course period which is presumed to be unlimited, but actually it was not as like ordinary courses online also have the specific period of classes and course period to get complete. Then regarding the quality, where there won’t be any interaction as like as ordinary classes, this also wrong, online course have the good quality and interaction, because in some courses the monitoring by software leads to avoid disturbances and to avoid cheating. And few others were the online courses can be cleared by anybody, in order to do online courses needed to be techie, easily can cheat in online examinations, etc. but the true is as like ordinary courses it also have certain scoring pattern, assessments, etc. in order to clear also need to do work and perform the same as like in ordinary classes, then there is not much knowledge on technology required for

to do, basic knowledge of computer system itself is enough and then regarding the examinations there are various checks to find

the plagiarism and other misconducts during the exams. So basically there is not much difference between the ordinary and online courses.

As I said earlier there is much difference, but there are many advantages in online courses. One is to save the time, which is something none can’t earn back, and the online courses can be flexible in nature to save time. Because it can save the time of going and coming to the college and also be wasting of free hours can be utilized by doing some online courses. Then the learning environment will be your place make much more comfort zone and the same we can prevent ourselves from commuting various diseases like during rainy season etc. And also a person can take any types of online courses and multiple of online courses which leads to learning as much we want. And also cost much lesser than the ordinary course makes to save money. And we can’t just disagree about disadvantages also but if we put weight there are more advantages then the disadvantages to the online course, so it is very helpful and much better doing the online courses.

Now we will see about the legal courses, legal courses are quite similar to other courses, then there are few additional activities also there, like research work, case study, case analysis etc. Nowadays, all legal professionals are dependent on the online materials so why can’t online courses. And it is very helpful and easy to do the online legal courses because the fact, the materials are available online and another important thing is updating of recent laws and regulation which is very important to the legal profession, as much as possible the update occurs and available on online portals. So it will be very helpful to do the online legal courses were such materials will help to do a deep study.

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