Certificate course in Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution


Duration 2 Months
Course Examination MCQ based Examination
Student Ratings (4.3) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (2,368 ratings)
Validity Lifetime Access ∞
Content Type ▶️ Video Lectures + Study material + Formats
One Time Fees ₹ 9̶,̶5̶0̶0̶ ->₹ 5,500
No Cost EMI ₹1,833/month (3 Months)

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Certificate course in Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

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This course is divided into 15 modules which cover all aspects of Contract drafting covering the Indian Contract Act, essentials of a valid contract, types of contract, elements for an effective contract, Important clauses in a contract, Establishing Agreement, Rights, Obligations; essential Elements under Section 10, Concept of Consideration, Capacity of Parties, Discharge of Contract, Void Agreement and more with practical examples and samples.

Course Curriculum:
- Essentials of a Valid Contract - Types of contracts
- Agreements and contracts - Elements of Effective Contracts
- Drafting of Contracts - Parts of a valid contract
- Step-by-step procedure for formation of a contract - Title, Preamble, Definitions, Action Sections, End provisions, general provisions etc of a valid contract
- Drafting Process - Important Clauses in the contract
- Dos and Don't for drafting a contract - Samples
- Contract Terms - Planning Ahead for Problems
- Interpreting Contracts - Assembling Contracts
- Establishing Agreement, Rights and Obligations - Indian Contract Act complete reference
- Essential Elements under Section 10 - Concept of Consideration
- Capacity of Parties - Discharge of Contract
- Lawful Object and Consideration - Void Agreements
- Contingent Contracts - Quasi Contracts
- Remedies for breach of contract - Contracts across other Jurisdictions
- What is negotiation
- An integrated model of principled negotiation
- The three pillars of principled negotiation - The three pillars of principled negotiation - Communication, perceptions & assumptions
- Basic communication considerations - Pre-negotiation preparation
- Identify the negotiation issues - Obtaining information on the other party and the history / context of the - negotiation
- Establishing objective criteria and creating options - Establishing objective criteria
- Creating options/alternatives - Common impediments to developing options
- Inventing options - Determine positions & interests
- Establish the deal parameters: aspiration bases, real bases, the likely contracting - zone and BATNAs
- Aspiration bases - Real bases
- Contracting zone - BATNAs
- Determine the objectives for the negotiation - Optimistic, realistic, pessimistic targets
- ENGAGEMENT PLANNING - Develop the negotiation plan, strategy and tactics
- The importance of planning - Different types of planning
- Negotiation preparation prompt template - Employ persuasion
- First offers - What are “first offers”
- Tactics, gambits & ploys - Determine common ground, power bases and frame the negotiation
- Framing - Establish the negotiation climate
- Formalizing the deal - Fundamental aspects of a contract

Audio/Video Lectures: The course also comprises of audio/video lectures, that discuss various topics. This enables the student to memorize it conveniently, further the students may listen/watch this at any time.

Course Benefit:
- It clears your understanding of important contract act sections.
- It provides you with a practical comprehensive guide about how to draft any contract.
- It provides you with handy tips and tricks to successfully draft and read between the lines of any contract.
- It provides you an understanding of actual real-life scenarios to be kept in mind before proceeding with any contract drafting.

Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Examination: MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) based Examination)

Relevent Industries:
Real Estate | Banking | Finance | Insurance | Technology | FMCG | Government | Manufacturing | NBFC | Media | Pharmaceuticals | LPO

Work for Organizations like:
dlf hdfc jpmorgan tcs hul rcf adityabirla mfa

With Practical Training (optional):
- 10 Practical Exercises allotted
- Reviewed by Industry Expert
- Feedback and inputs shared over email
- Doubt Clearing Discussion Access over email (upto 6months)

Benefits of ILMS Certifications:
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
- No fixed timing
- Online certification
- Innovative content
- Lifetime Access (No other platform provides this)

No Cost EMI : ₹1,833/month (3 Months)

Approved Bank Partnerships
- State Bank of India
- Axis
- Kotak Mahindra Bank
- Bank of Baroda Bank
- INDUSIND Bank Debit Card
- Citi Bank
- Standard Chartered Bank
SBI hdfc ICICI Axis Kotak Baroda RBL

Related Courses:
- Certificate course in Contract Drafting (accompanied with Doubt Clearing Sessions with Senior Attorney)
- Certificate Course in Drafting of Pleadings
- Dual Program: Certificate course in Contract Drafting and Drafting of Pleadings




Process of Enrolment and General Instructions:
  • Enrol using valid email id and mobile number. Deposit fee and instantly receive login id password to access ILMS Academy’s Learning Management System study.ilms.academy to start your course immediately
  • Fees should only be deposited via course page DO NOT make direct transfer to any individual or QR codes
  • Course related study material, audio/video lectures, downloadable resources, examination and other material If applicable will be available via Study Portal
  • Examination must be completed at max in 6 months from date of enrolment
  • Course material access is for lifetime
  • Examination evaluation Grade A (90% and above), Grade B (70-90%), Grade C (50-70%) below 50% reappear for examination
  • *Some Courses are upgraded to only Audio/Video lectures or only study material based on student response and update in curriculam.

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