Certificate course in Contract Drafting


Duration 2 Months
Course Examination Two-stage Examination
Student Ratings (4.3) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (1,326 ratings)
Price ₹ 6,000
Validity Lifetime Access ∞


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Certificate course in Contract Drafting

This course is divided into 4 Modules wherein the first two modules are dedicated to explain the basics of the Indian Contract Act 1970, its section and as well as their applicability by way of practical examples. The last two modules are more focused towards the drafting of various types of contracts that we use in our day to day life. Each of the contracts is explained in the manner of their implications, understanding of their general clauses and most important clauses. The last modules give you a complete detailed exposure about the contract drafting, what must be included, what must be excluded and what must be asked to client before drafting any such contract. The last modules also contain sample templates of most contracts along with their explanations.

Audio Lecture: The course also comprises of short audio lecture, that briefs about the course, which enables the student to memorize it conveniently and students may listen to this any time.

Course Benefit:
- It clears your understanding about important contract act sections.
- It provides you with practical comprehensive guide about how to draft any contract.
- It provides you handy tips and trick to successfully draft and read in between the lines any contract.
- It provides you understanding about actual real life scenarios to be kept in mind before proceeding with any contract drafting.

Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Examination: Two-stage Examination

Benefits of ILMS Certifications:
- No Minimum educational qualification
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
- No fix timing
- Online certification
- Innovative content
- Lifetime Access




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