About Us


Institute of legal and management studies is a non-profit venture that aims to bridge the gap between the professional studies imparted and actual employability. The institute provides opportunity to students, legal and management professionals to enhance their skills as required in actual job practices through online portal www.ilms.academy. The courses provided by ILMS as specifically designed by keeping in mind the needs of the Job market and requirements of the companies. Each course content is developed by assistance of leading professionals and their feedbacks.

Each of the courses adds significant value to the student actual learning and understanding about the key concepts, the courses facilitates the training of student keeping in mind the actual requirements related to the field and enables them to practice and learn the real time problems and practical utilities.


Step 1 - Enroll for a Course
Step 2 - Complete Modules
Step 3 - Pass Examination
Step 4 - Secure Certification

ILMS provides complete online courses categorized as Crash courses, short-term courses and 6 months courses.


Crash courses are generally weekly courses, wherein small subject areas are chosen and practical application of a specific domain is explained. For example we have a weekly course of how to file RTI, How to draft a Trademark Application and How to Register GST.

These courses aims only at practical explanation and know how guide in a particular area, enabling the user or student to understand the basic features and components of the specific sub domain of a field.


These courses emphasize more on imparting the clarity on overall subject matter and its main concept. These courses are more focused on clearing the understanding and basis of a subject. Such as contract drafting is one such course where a student is provided with the material and content that aims at clarifying the nity gritties of the subject. Like what are the governing laws, why we require contracts, what are the essentials of the contract law.


These courses are designed in manner so that a student is able to refine the understanding in sync with the practical aspects of the subject matter. It explains and trains the student with not only the basics but also enables him/her to be capable of practicing the concepts in real life scenerios. It provides an end to end solution to the student from the understanding of the subject matter to the actual practical practice.


1) Easy to understand and Implement the learning.
2) No fix time period, flexible learning hours.
3) Easy access and flexible online support.
4) Cost-effective and reliable.