Why Women are the Primary Focus of Workplace Sexual Harassment Law in India?

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Sexual harassment is a pervasive issue in the workplace and can lead to serious consequences for the victim, such as mental trauma, loss of job, and decreased productivity. In India, workplace sexual harassment is considered a violation of women’s rights, and the legal system has implemented laws to address this issue. In this article, we will explore the reasons why women are the primary focus of workplace sexual harassment law in India.

Gender-Based Discrimination

In India, women have historically faced discrimination and have been subjected to gender-based violence. Workplace sexual harassment is considered a form of violence against women, and the law seeks to address this issue by focusing on women as the primary victims. The law recognizes that women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment in the workplace and, therefore, requires employers to take measures to prevent and address sexual harassment.

Historical Injustice

India has a complex social hierarchy, and women belonging to lower castes or marginalized communities have faced historical injustice and discrimination. The workplace sexual harassment law in India recognizes this injustice and seeks to protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace. The law provides for reservation of seats in committees set up to investigate sexual harassment complaints, ensuring that women from marginalized communities have a voice in the process.

Women’s rights are protected by the Constitution of India, which guarantees equality and prohibits discrimination based on gender. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, provides legal protection to women against sexual harassment in the workplace. The law defines sexual harassment and provides a mechanism for filing complaints and redressal.

Awareness and Education

There is a lack of awareness and education regarding workplace sexual harassment in India. Women may not be aware of their rights or the legal mechanism for redressal. Focusing on women as the primary victims of workplace sexual harassment can help raise awareness and educate women about their rights. It can also encourage women to speak up and report incidents of sexual harassment.


The workplace sexual harassment law in India is focused on women as they are the primary victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The law seeks to address gender-based discrimination, historical injustice, and provide legal protection to women. It is important to continue raising awareness and educating women about their rights to ensure that they can work in a safe and harassment-free environment. The law is an important step towards achieving gender equality and empowering women in the workplace.

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