Internship Opportunity at the Office of the CJI

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Chief Justice of India:

The highest ranking member of the Indian judiciary is known as the Chief Justice of India (IAST: Bhrat K Mukhya Nyydha). He or she is also the chief judge of the Supreme Court of India. According to the Indian Constitution, the President of India has the authority to choose the next chief justice, who will hold office until they reach the age of 65 or are impeached. This decision will be made in consultation with the outgoing chief justice. The chief justice in office at the time usually suggests a name, and that person is typically the next-oldest Supreme Court justice. Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud is the 50th and current chief justice. On November 9th, 2022, he took the oath of office as the 50th Chief Justice of India. Role of the Chief Justice of India: The Indian Supreme Court is presided over by the Chief Justice of India (CJI), who also serves as the head of the Indian judicial system. The chief justice, who serves as the chief justice of the supreme court, is in charge of selecting constitutional benches that will hear cases involving significant legal issues. Regarding Justice DY Chandrachud: The Supreme Court of India is currently presiding over Justice D Y Chandrachud. He was put forth by Justice U U Lalit on October 10, 2022 as the second-most senior candidate for the position of Chief Justice of India.

Regarding the Internship:

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for internships beginning in mid-February at the Office of the Chief Justice of India, Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud.


When it comes to eligibility, they have made it very clear that law students are enrolled in law schools. Those who are in their 5th year of law school, or if you are a 4th / 5th year law student. And or if you are doing 3 year law course or you are graduate or you are pursuing law somewhere/LLM Candidate. They are all qualified to apply for internships.


If you are chosen for an internship, you must complete at least 6 weeks of work. Deadline:

The deadline for applications for the Feb.-March cycle is December 8, 2022. At least 10 weeks must pass before the desired internship period in order to submit the internship application.

How to Apply?

What is their application procedure? They have given you access to an online form that contains all the information they will need from you. You can apply by clicking the link provided below to do so. Application Form

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