Dual Program: Certificate Course in Human Resource Management and Payroll Management


Duration 5 Months
Course Examination One Exam per course
Student Ratings (4.3) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (326 ratings)
Content Type ▶️ Video Lectures+ Study Material + Downloadable resources
Validity Lifetime Access ∞
One Time Fees ₹ 1̶7̶,̶9̶0̶0̶ ->₹ 8,999
No Cost EMI ₹3,000/month (3 Months)

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Dual Program: Certificate Course in Human Resource Management and Payroll Management

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Certificate Course in HRM (Human Resource Management) This course teaches about basic tools and concepts about HR management, supported by detailed explanations about various legal contracts one requires to prepare while functioning as an HR, be it Job offer, termination letter, salary slip structure, temporary employment contract etc. This is a very comprehensive and practical guide created by taking feedbacks from prominent HR consultancies. This certificate program is designed to provide the latest techniques and knowledge in emerging new specialization areas of management. These are specially designed for working executives and academics and keen scholars.

HR Management is a multidisciplinary organizational function that draws theories and ideas from various fields such as management, psychology, sociology and economics. Most managers in public- and private sector firms of all sizes would agree that people truly are the organization’s most important asset. Having competent staff on the payroll does not guarantee that a firm’s human resources will be a source of competitive advantage.

This course is comprised of 13+ modules dealing with all the major aspects of HR management, Process of recruitment, types of hiring and processes of hiring, how to create feedback mechanism, how to draft various HR related contracts, Job requisition documents and policy frame work related to employees at any company.

The course also enables you to understand about Human resource accounting and Managing Ethical Issues in HRM.The course is beneficial for professionals looking for growth in their career paths to mid-management and senior management or as corporates strategic partner, Employee Advocate, HR policy makers in organizations.

Course Content:
- Process of recruitment - Types of hiring and processes of hiring - Feedback mechanism
- HR related contract drafting - Job requisition documents
- policy frame work - Understanding Performance
- Fundamentals of Performance Management - Performance Management System
- Performance Counselling - Performance Management Process
- Performance Planning - Understanding Performance Appraisal
- Performance Influencers - Methods of Performance Appraisal
- Job and related concepts - Degree Feedback
- Potential Appraisal - Mentoring and Coaching
- Performance Monitoring - Performance Measurement
- Career Development and Mobility - Performance Management Implementation
- Ethics in Performance Management - Performance Management in International Context
- Role of HR professional in performance management - Understanding Compensation Management
- Foundation of Compensation Management - Factors influencing Compensation Management
- Compensation and Job Evaluation - Architecture of Compensation Management
- Designing Compensation - Behavioural Dimension of compensation management
- Managing Performance - Wages & salaries administration
- Performance reward
- Incentives and Fringe Benefits - Stock Based Compensation
- Compensation and Business Environment
- Executive Compensation - Challenges to compensation management
- Compensation for Flexible Workforce - Legal framework for Compensation

Downloadble/Editable Forms:
- Pre-Hiring - Hiring
- Onboarding - Retention
- Exit - Compliances
- HR Policies - Letter Formats
- Agreements - Employee Life Cycle
- Grievance - Recruitment Email Templates
- Recruitment Letters - Job Descriptions and More

Certificate Course in Payroll Management What is the meaning of payroll management? How it can impact overall financial strategy of your organization? Payroll management is the administrative task of compensating employees for services rendered. It also provides a financial record of employee gross earnings, payroll deductions and net pay, as well as the employer's related payroll tax liability. Understanding and operating a payroll system within a business is an essential requirement for performing the payroll process exactly and correctly with a lower financial cost. The main objective of this Certificate Course in Payroll Management is to complement theoretical education with practical training in the field of payroll management.

Course Curriculum:
- Introduction to Payroll?
- How to Prepare Payroll By Using Microsoft Excel?
- How to Install The Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime ?
- What Are The Steps For Payroll Management Process?
- How To Enable Payroll Features On Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime?
- How To Enter The Opening Balance In Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime?
- How To Create A Template For Payroll Management In Microsoft Excel?
- How To Calculate The Employee's Allowances And Deduction By Using Microsoft Excel & Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime?
- How To Exactly Calculate Employee's Total Earnings , Deduction And Net Salary By Using Microsoft Excel & Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime?
- How To Get The Pay Slip , Pay Sheet And Payroll Statement On Tally ERP9 & TallyPrime?
- How To Cut The Employee's House Loan And Education Loan , Income Tax And Professional Tax?

Audio/Video Lectures: The course comprises of audio/video lectures, that discuss various topics. This enables the student to memorize it conveniently, further the students may listen/watch to this any time.

Course Duration: 5 Months
Course Examination: One Exam per course

Benefits of ILMS Certifications:
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
- No fix timing
- Online certification
- Innovative content
- Lifetime Access

No Cost EMI : ₹3,000/month (3 Months)

Approved Bank Partnerships
- State Bank of India
- Axis
- Kotak Mahindra Bank
- Bank of Baroda Bank
- INDUSIND Bank Debit Card
- Citi Bank
- Standard Chartered Bank
SBI hdfc ICICI Axis Kotak Baroda RBL

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