Certificate Course in Drafting of Pleadings


Duration 1 Month
Course Examination Single Examination
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Content Type ▶️ Video Lectures + Study material + 1000 plus formats
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Certificate Course in Drafting of Pleadings

This course practically explains the details one has to keep in mind while drafting an answer to a complaint, Counterclaim, Cross-claim or how to amend the Pleadings. The course is designed in simple language and explains the basic mechanism of how one shall proceed with any draft. The course also provides the students with sample drafts of various petitions, bail applications, civil suit etc. This course is really helpful for law students who wish to join litigation or want to intern at any law firm. The most in-depth and elaborate course content that covers every aspect of drafting of pleadings for Indian Courts.

Course Content
- Introduction to drafting?
- What is Pleading?
- Definition of Pleading?
- Plaint, Written Statement, Subsequent pleading with examples
- Purpose of pleading
- Object of Pleading
- Rules regarding Pleading
- Exceptions to fundamental rules of pleading with examples
- Essentials of Pleading
- Written statement in depth
- Documents to accompany written statements
- Court-fees on set-off and counterclaims
- Special rules of defense considered while making a written statement
- Flowcharts for Civil case
- Flowcharts for Criminal case
- The procedure of trial of civil cases in India
- Calculation of Court Fees
- Vakalatnama in depth
- Content for vakalatnama
- Authorization for vakalatnama
- Power of attorney in-depth
- Difference between Power of Attorney and Vakalatnama
- Format for creating Vakalatnama
- Format for creating General Power of Attorney
- How to ascertain the Jurisdiction and Cause of Action?
- Kinds of Jurisdiction and Place of Suing: Section-15 To Section-20
- Criminal Jurisdiction
- What is cause of action?
- How to decide who is a party to a Case?
- Civil drafts
- Plaint
- Written statement
- Amendment to plaint
- How to adduce evidence
- Criminal drafts
- Complaint
- Formats for complaints
- F.I.R
- Bail
- Legal notice

Audio/Video Lectures: The course also comprises of audio/video lectures, that discuss various topics. This enables the student to memorize it conveniently, further the students may listen/watch to this any time.

Downloadable/Editable Formats:: 1000+ downloadable editable formats

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Examination: Single Examination

With Practical Training (optional):
- 10 Practical Exercises allotted
- Reviewed by Industry Expert
- Feedback and inputs shared over email
- Doubt Clearing Discussion Access over email (upto 6months)

Benefits of ILMS Certifications:
- No Minimum educational qualification
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
- No fix timing
- Online certification
- Innovative content
- Lifetime Access

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Process of Enrolment and General Instructions:
  • Enrol using valid email id and mobile number. Deposit fee and instantly receive login id password to access ILMS Academy’s Learning Management System study.ilms.academy to start your course immediately
  • Fees should only be deposited via course page DO NOT make direct transfer to any individual or QR codes
  • Course related study material, audio/video lectures, downloadable resources, examination and other material If applicable will be available via Study Portal
  • Examination must be completed at max in 6 months from date of enrolment
  • Course material access is for lifetime
  • Examination evaluation Grade A (90% and above), Grade B (70-90%), Grade C (50-70%) below 50% reappear for examination

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