Guide to setup Startup in India


Duration 1 Month
Course Examination Two stage Examination
Student Ratings (3.9) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (679 ratings)


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Guide to setup Startup in India

This course is divided into 4 Modules wherein the first two modules are dedicated to explain the basics of start-up business and necessary registration required to set up a business in India. This course explains you about the pros and cons of the various legal entity structures and how to select the type of company registration in India. The course progresses and explains you about the various government policies that help the start ups and how one can take the benefit of the same. It also helps and educates the individual about the importance and benefits about various mandatory registrations and business compliances. The course covers comprehensively all the major legal aspects applicable to a start up to operate in India.

Audio Lecture: The course also comprises of short audio lecture, that briefs about the course, which enables the student to memorize it conveniently and students may listen to this any time.

Course Benefit:
- It is a complete self help course for first time entrepreneurs.
- It enables you to zero down the necessary registration applicable to your start-up
- It makes you aware about various benefits that may help your business.
- It is well drafted necessary course for understanding the start up ecosystem and enables you to select right professionals.

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Examination: Two-stage Examination

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- No Minimum educational qualification
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
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