Certificate Course on Electronic Evidences


Duration 1 Month
Course Examination Single Examination
Student Ratings (4.1) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (291 ratings)


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Certificate Course on Electronic Evidences

This course gives you a detailed overview about what are electronic evidences, how to procure electronic evidence and details thereof.

In this digital era, online and cyber-crimes are rapidly increasing, any law student or legal practitioner intending to practice in cyberlaw or civil and criminal laws related to cybercrimes, must also know how to collect and process for digital and electronic evidence. What type of digital evidence are permissible and admissible, this course not only gives a brief overview about such evidences but also equips you with techniques to collect the same and also explains you the methods of collection and processing of such digital evidences.

Audio Lecture: The course also comprises of short audio lecture, that briefs about the course, which enables the student to memorize it conveniently and students may listen to this any time.

Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Examination: Single Examination

Benefits of ILMS Certifications:
- Improves employability
- Prepared by Industry experts
- No fix timing
- Online certification
- Innovative content
- Comprehensive course construction, supported with actual step by step guide
- Provides with practical details about the processes and permissions required for the collection of digital evidence
- Ideal legal students who want to pursue a career in cyber-crimes
- It provides the best guide for practising lawyers, who may use digital evidences in many civil and criminal cases
- Lifetime Access




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